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Chris Hatch(English)

I'm from Britain.
I enjoy travelling and experiencing the cultures of other countries.
I am a fun loving person who is energetic and lively.
See you at Mighty.

Matthew Clark(English)

I'm a friendly and outgoing person and like meeting people from all over the world. I have a multi-cultural upbringing through traveling extensively and living abroad. This helps a lot with communicating to people with different languages.
Thank you!

Wilson Ascencio(English/Spanish)

Hello everybody!
I am from Vancouver, Canada and I can speak English, Spanish and a little Japanese. I am a serious Japanese student and know how it feels to learn a second or third language. Let me help you improve your English or Spanish through fun and interactive lesssons at Mighty English School. Happy studying!
Robert Ian (English)

Hi, I'm from London in the UK. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. I have a passion for reading and History of course bring British. I love football & cricket. I have travelled to many countries around the world learning new ideas from the varied cultures I have seen. Being from London I have developed graet comunication skills, so come down to the Mighty English School and enjoy learning English with me!!

Trevor Fradgley(English)

I'm from Dublin in Ireland.
I like Martial arts and sport,meeting new people and having new expreiences. I have fifth degree Black belt of Tae Kwon Do. have a lot of experiences in teaching English. A wide mixture of nationalities presented me with a challenging environment in which I gained valuable experience in the field of language teaching. Thank you !

Matthew Palmer(English)

Hello! I'm from Jamaica. I have a lot of experiences about teaching English as a ALT in Japan. I was selected as one of four ALTs to participate in teaching workshops for Japanese Teachers in the summer of 2009. My familly has a charity organization which feeds homeless people on the streets. It was a blessing to be able to meet and share with people who were not as fortunate as us. Come on in Mighty!!

Susan Holmes(English)

I'm from England. I'm a friendly and outgoing person. I have three grandsons. In my lesson I like to take into account the personalities of my students to find out how to teach them and make learning challenging fun, etc. Even in the group classes, it is important to approch students as individuals I think. I look forward to meeting you.

前田 泰子(TOEIC/英検)

Hello! I was born in Okayama, and grew up in Kobe. I like watching movies and English TV dramas, and listening to music. I want to get to know many people around the world using English. Let’s enjoy studying English together!これまで英語を学んできた経験を活かし、英語を学ぶことの楽しさを伝えることができればと思っています。皆さんが英語を通して新しい扉を開くことが出来るようお手伝いができれば嬉しいです。

Egle Hashimoto(English)

Im from Lithuania.
I can speak Lithuanian,fluent in both English and Russian, conversational Spanish and Japanese. I study Japanese hard for Japanese step test. Learning different languages is very interesting for me. Please come to Mighty and study English together. Let' fun!!